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What I found beneath anger

Posted by Chris Jones on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 Under: Life

I am not a political person. I stay away from the news as much as I can because I can't make sense of the nonsense going on in the world. Not just what is news, but what is chosen to be news worthy. It becomes chaos in my being that doesn't make sense.

We awoke, as every day--our personal tasks, jobs, and children before us. None of us had even the thought, much less the anticipation of horror and terror being part of our life today or any day. Neither did any of the people who were standing at the American Airlines ticket counter in the Brussels Airport or the people at Maalbeek station waiting for the train.

In this moment, I am reminded by this feeling inside me of when I took a phone call from a friend on the morning of 9/11/2001, while holding my precious 10-month old granddaughter and my other 3.5 year old granddaughter wanting breakfast, telling me to turn on the news. Our lives, my life, changed that day.

I realize there have been other terrorist events over the past 15 years, some much worse in terms of damage and death than this one in Brussels. But, for whatever reason, maybe only because I'm paying attention; my heart is broken and I'm hurting for those peoples' lives that are affected and by the shocking reminder we live in angry times.

For my own healing over recent months I've been attentive to my own anger issues and I guess this gives me one more to work on.

My thoughts and prayers for all of us are that we come to realize our anger is a hurt, a pain; something damaging that has happened to or around us that is too intense and too grand to be processed for what it is. A hurt, a pain, an affront with which we are assaulted that is too big, too heavy, and possibly incomprehensible to our minds and hearts. It won't fit inside us. We can't process it as "hurt feelings" and so it becomes anger.

But, if we can look underneath and beyond the anger and discover what it is that has hurt us, we can begin the process of understanding it, forgiving and moving on from the pain.

There is no just "letting go" of anger. We can't just not be angry.

We are made up of energy. Everything we are and experience is energy. Energy does not die or go away, it only changes forms. Anger and pain are energy.

Anger left unresolved has to go and be somewhere if it not recognized, processed and resolved. For some it becomes actions about and toward other things and people which may not warrant a hostile or harsh response. For others, if left unattended becomes disease and it takes its energy out on our bodies.

By whatever tools or means that works I hope we can resolve our anger. Discover what lies beneath. what in us was hurt? Feel it. Experience it. Reveal it. Understand it. When we do this, resolution becomes healing and we are not only no longer angry, but we are free of its destructive manifestations.

May we all strive to be free of anger.

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