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Total Solar Eclipse on March 9th: What it means for You!

Posted by Chris Jones on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 Under: Practice

On March 9th a Full Solar Eclipse will take place, heightening energies here on Earth.
This event amplifies and supercharges all of the New Moon energy we will already be feeling. When they occur, about once a year, total Solar Eclipses are only visible to a small geographic location on Earth --- March’s eclipse will be visible to Southeast Asia, Eastern Australia, and parts of New Zealand.

The last solar eclipse I was able to view was in 1995, in New Jersey. The next visible total eclipse I will see, here in California, will be in August 2017. So, you see how rare it is to be present at a location that will have visibility of this event.

Though, like the power of the moon, just because we can’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t affecting us! We can’t see Mercury, yet it’s retrograde causes quite enough trouble. I believe that when these celestial bodies align, such that the sun is obscured from our view, other things come to light for us here on Earth.

Eclipses are rare, divine occurrences that impact life for all of us, even those that are not energetically attuned may be affected by powerful eclipse energy, as they are during the Full Moon, when many of us witness lots of crazy. For centuries, eclipses have been viewed, by the learned and enlightened scholars, as special occurrences, while being feared and looked upon as “bad omens” by the superstitious. I see them as powerful energetic windows of opportunity.

The wise have always studies and been aware of our close relation to the movements of the solar system, and its effects here on Earth. There is a reason Galileo was studying the heavens while some still believed the Earth was flat. The fact that ancient civilizations worldwide, built temples and pyramids that line up with various celestial occurrences, such as solstices, equinoxes, and certain constellations, gives evidence that they had deep understanding of this.

What does this solar eclipse mean for us?

A total solar eclipse can only occur during a new moon, as the moon must pass in between the sun and the Earth. So, this occurrence, with March’s New Moon in Pisces, brings amplified energies of rebirth, change, and new beginnings to us. The New Moon energy will be revved up by the Solar Eclipse, so go for those new starts!

With New Moon energy we want to welcome in change--- releasing and breaking old patterns that no longer serve us---Let them go! Pisces energy encourages us to dream and envision what we can contribute to create the world we wish to inhabit, so why not dream big, dear readers? If you, like I, seek to create a better world, there is no better time to bring forth ideas for the creation of such.

We can tap into our creative problem solving, and give birth to bold new ideas. This accentuates the bright new opportunities that accompany eclipse energy, which shines light on areas that need our attention and forces events into play that will usher us forward. Be mindful what intentions you send out, you just may get them! We can welcome the coming growth or we can fight it. The choice is ours. I choose to welcome it in meditation, and I encourage all to tap into this heightened energy while it is here.

Many believe that eclipses are a time when Nature herself, turns within; we too, can take this period as a time to turn our own gaze inward, taking stock of where we are on our own journey. Be mindful that negative energies are also heightened during eclipses, so protection is crucial, and remember, don’t take anyone else’s crazy personally. It’s theirs not yours.

I practice a special meditation ritual for eclipses. I try to do it at the maximized time of the eclipse, but this isn’t always feasible. The energy is charged on the days leading up to the moment of eclipse as well, so anytime will be effective. (Here is a great reference for the timetable and time zones.)

First, I take a warm, saltwater or herbal (lavender) bath before I sit, making this bath part of my meditation - I stay present in the warm, healing water as it cleanses. I visualize letting go of all that no longer serves me, seeing all my blocks and fears melting away, while I affirm to remain open to truths that I need to see.

After my bath, I sit, preferably out under the sky, and light a smudge stick, bathing myself in the smoke. Next I light a candle---simple white will do, for purity and healing. As I relax and turn within, I focus on my breath, on the candle flame, on my intention of growth. I ask myself: If I had no fears, what would I be doing? What fears are holding me back? What do I seek to start right now?

I then reflect on this. I write out my answers, because I believe writing has power--- that it amplifies the power of what is written. As I write, I send the dense energy of my blocks and fears out onto the paper. Upon completion, I sit and picture the light and energy from the eclipse flowing down into my open Crown Chakra, uplifting and healing me. I visualize the eclipse-amplified New Moon energy heightening my intentions of growth outside my comfort zone.

When I am full of the energy, I push it outside, into my aura---forming a protective shield around me. When I am finished, I take my paper and bury it, giving these blocks, fears, and intentions to the Earth. If I can’t bury it, I place it somewhere out of sight, but safe. I revisit the paper at the next New Moon to see what changes or new steps I have made. I close with a blessing or prayer of gratitude honoring all the entities that made this moment possible:

To God, I thank you for my life and ask that I may serve You, 
Mother Earth, I relinquish my fears to you, that I may find ground in you,
Father Sky, I release all worry and stress to you, that I may float in your ether. 
Grandmother Moon, I bask in your presence, that I may see the unseen,
Grandfather Sun, I soak in your warmth, that I may heal in your fire. 
I ask all this, that I may be a brighter, more effective messenger, 
of peace, light and love here on Earth,
for all the days that I remain here.
In gratitude, so it is.

I hope that my ritual will bring you the joy and peace that it has brought me, that you may all tap into the infinite river of Divine Love that flows within all, connecting us, uniting us as One.


Much love - Lindsay Carricarte

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