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My relationship to the world

Posted by Chris Jones on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 Under: Life

~By BJ Crank~

What if each day 100 people from all over the world were chosen and together it was their thoughts, actions, and decisions that would affect how the world would be that day? What if today was your turn? Would you take your turn with confidence, joy and authority or with insecurity, fear and apprehension? 

Each and every one of our thoughts, actions and decisions DO impact the world everyday. Collectively we are all responsible for how the world is! Individualism, poverty, crime, homelessness, charity, love, compassion... whatever and however it all is, we are contributors and we are responsible. 

It starts with thoughts and beliefs, which guide our actions and decisions. If we have fear, then this will play into our decisions. If we have love and compassion, this too will guide our actions. 
Most of the cultures on this planet and the majority of people operate from an individual, separate perspective. We are an "I" society. I am, I want, I need, I have, I will, etc. 

But there is a bigger reality than each of our individual little worlds. There is connectivity and consequence to each of our participations in this world and in the universe. 

Allow me to illustrate. You, nor I, would exist on a basic physical level if it were not for two people connecting on at least one level, i.e. sexual intercourse. The next basic element of our coming into existence is the moment of conception, the connecting of the egg and the sperm and on from there. You get the picture.

Now once you are out of the womb and into this world, you can not exist without connectivity to nourishment at least on a physical level. You can see where this is going. Right? 
This connectivity, interdependence, and state of consequence exists in every context, situation, relationship you can imagine. 

We have a relationship with the world. A relationship that is impactful and important. A relationship that matters.

Oh, but, you say, "I don't matter. No one cares. No one listens to me. If I died right now, no one would notice."

Well, maybe there would be few people who notice. The coroner, the grave digger, maybe your mother, wife, husband, son or daughter, regardless, the universe notices on all levels and reacts accordingly. 

Your very existence filled a space of physical mass, energy, spirit, breath and consequence and the universe notices every breath, every thought and every decision we make and every word we utter. 

You see, thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions are all energy. For example, when we think about or have revenge, hate and judgement of others we are contributing to its existence in our world. When we focus on beauty and goodness our energy and thoughts bind with other like energy. If we act kind and helpful to others, but are resentful and angry for one reason or another, it creates a dissonance that binds with other dissonance and grows accordingly. 
So, what do we want our world and our lives to be?

Understanding that whatever we are and whatever we do matters and magnifies itself, we can create and change whatever it is we desire within ourselves, therefore in the world.
If we want a world of peace, we have to be at peace. If we want a world to be compassionate and love one another; then we have to have compassion and be love in the world. This applies all the way down to the very basics of living and being. From the thoughts and feelings we have to the decisions and actions we take. From caring for our bodies to caring for our families, neighbors, neighborhoods, city, town, state, country, continent, hemisphere, world, planet and universe. 

We are all connected and consequential to each other. Whatever I do and whatever you think and whatever your neighbor or brother decides affects you and me. We are all in this together and it all matters. When we believe or feel that we don't matter, we have shut down the doors and windows of our heart. And, this impacts the universe, also. 

I am of the opinion that when we shut down our energy or withdraw our availability we place the burden of our expected participation on the rest of us. Therefore, my relationship to the world is a responsibility to do my part right along side everyone else.

In a discussion about Krishamurti's statement, "We are the world, Professor Padmanabhan Krishna said,  " is totally responsible for everything that happens in this world. And when you are responsible, you care, you do not contribute to violence. The only way you can not contribute to it, is to end violence, end greed, end the ego. But you can not end it by volition because that volition is of the ego. But by understanding it, not by condemning it but by becoming familiar with its ways, seeing how it interferes in every relationship, by watching it, one can free one's consciousness of it. Only then does one not contribute to the chaos in the world. 
            ~~~Professor Padmanabhan Krishna

Article - BJ Crank

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