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Posted by Chris Jones on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 Under: Life

There are people that would do ANYTHING to get ahead of others in life, without realising that those around us are mirror reflections of what is within us!

Something I have been observing recently that seems to be growing at an alarming rate is the trend displayed by many self proclaimed "guru's", life coaches, and spiritual teachers towards competing with one another, muscling for the attention of followers, vying for places on stage, and becoming more and more competitive against each other.

The truly alarming aspect of this trend is that almost all of it seems to come from no place or reason other than to stroke their own ego and grow the contents of their wallet.

The Self help, Life Coaching, and Guru industries are absolutely booming in this day and age, because more than ever people are in need of real help in negotiating the complexities of life.  Life Coaching is a largely unregulated field, and people are capitalising on this with the introduction of brief, 8 week courses that teach little more than pomp.

Helping people is little more than a business transaction today!

Of greater concern is that many people with "Life Coach" on their business cards, that are offering highly paid services and advice to clients really have very little understanding of what they are offering and the hardship that they can potentially create in someone's life because this path is nothing more than a game of 'get rich and popular' for them.

So after sitting in on several programs which have been pitched as being able to help with this or build that aspect of human life, I have been slapped in the face time and again with the reality that these very programs have only been put together with the intention of baiting people that are looking for genuine help in life, and dragging them back for more, yet without offering any REAL value to them.

Anyone looking for a new direction in life becomes stuck within this almost inescapable whirlpool of buying the next level of the program and then the next, and all I can say about it is that I'm disgusted that one person's emotional need has become another person's game of profit!

Life is challenging enough for most people as it is without someone jumping into a 'booming' industry to make a quick dollar, and further complicating things by adding to an already out of control phenomena.  All because it seems like an easy job to do, is profitable and they get to stand on stage and look good in the process.

To those genuine souls out there wanting to help the human race without thought of fame or profit, this is NOT intended for you.  I am well aware of the tireless work that many of you do to contribute, and those of honest desire to help the race.  All I can suggest to anyone that is seeking the services of a Life Coach, or looking for a program that will create value in life, is to look into the motivation behind, and transparency surrounding the person you are considering working with.  I understand that everyone needs to make money to pay the bills, but if a practitioner is genuinely in the field to help, and you are unable to pay, they will find a way to make it work for you rather than showing you the door.  Follow your intuition, because it is never wrong.

So who am I?  I am a Diploma qualified Counsellor, a Psychology student, and a Certificate accredited Life Coach.  Having survived phenomenal hardship associated with clinical depression, the loss of several close family members, and being a returned soldier, I created Life Warrior and wrote The Heart Path program as a REAL means of helping those that needed it.  Giving back to others and helping people understand that we are all walking each other home is my absolute passion.

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