Lindsay is 36 years old, born and raised in northern New Jersey. She was raised in a loving but tough household that did not spend much time on communication and emotions. She spent most of her adult life stumbling around the United States in search of her path and higher calling. She had always desired to help others through their pain, but could never seem to figure out how to enact the dream. It didn’t fit the ‘mould’. Lindsay spent years roaming, working and traveling trying to find the place to call home, never realizing that it was to be found deep inside herself.

At the age of 26 she beat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She spent years catapulting between what seemed to be a ‘normal’ functioning life and a miserable life of bottom dwelling drug addiction. Many material successes and achievements were made during various points of her life, but she just never seemed to feel that her life’s purpose was being met. She spent years trying to conform to what society said she ‘should’ be at any given time, when she wasn’t living on the outskirts as an addict.

              Full of discontent, anger, fear and bitterness she once again found herself submersed in active addiction, where she almost did not survive. Something greater grabbed a hold of her at this point, and she was hit with a realization that everything she ever needed was indeed within herself, waiting to be taken ahold of and used for good. She picked herself up one more time, and rebuilt a new life in recovery from active addiction.

After rehabilitation she began studying Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as Kriya Yoga. She incorporated a practice of writing, yoga, meditation, prayer and service into her life and found her true heart path. Through embracing her spiritual path, her heart path has been revealed to her, as has her partner Chris whom she recognized as her heart partner upon meeting. Together they are committed to helping others. She now is living to follow her heart path, practicing with Chris each day the art of love, communication, understanding and compassion. 

Her goal is to help others embrace their own true heart paths. 

"Master your mind and you can re-create your reality"  ~Sonia Ricotti



From service in the Australian Army, to meditation in Buddhist Monasteries.

Passionate about Permaculture, finding balance within nature, cultivating physical, mental and emotional strength.

Qualified Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Medicinal Herbalist, Survival Instructor and Permaculturalist.

After having lived the majority of his life under the dark cloud of depression, where at times he wouldn't even get out of bed for two weeks straight, Chris was rapidly approaching the point where if something didn't change inside, he didn't have the desire to continue on for much longer.  Chris honestly felt that his depression was a war within himself, and came to the understanding that you can't live indefinitely in a 'war zone'. You either win, or you die trying.

Realizing that his depression was coming from an unending requirement to fit into the world the way that others told him he should, rather than following his own heart, he set out on a journey of self discovery.

This journey led Chris from his home in Brisbane, Australia, to the hills of Northern Thailand, surviving solo through the deserts of Australia, and into a Yoga course in the lush tropics of the Fijian Islands.  

After some extremely profound experiences, some amazing encounters and a serious shift in his internal dynamics, he has returned to launch Life Warrior and deliver The Heart Path program, which is a map that he developed in conjunction with Lindsay along the course of their journey, systemised for those that want to experience a similar shift without having to journey to the edge of the Earth to do so.

"The truest gauge of success is in having the same enthusiasm for your life on a Sunday night as you do on a Friday night."

This is the goal of the Heart Path.

Much love Warriors - Chris