Re-wild the heart. Re-wild the planet.
Developing strength in Mind, Body, Spirit and Community. Wilderness survival and primitive skill training, physical fitness, mental and emotional strength development.

Building wilderness eco villages using permacultural techniques.

Training and prep for people going to disaster relief in natural disaster zones.

One of our visions here at Project ReWild is to address the homeless issue in Los Angeles County by taking homeless people from the streets and introducing them to wilderness conditions where they will practice new skills in building their own sustainable communities using Permaculture techniques, under the instruction of qualified Permaculturalists, Survival Instructors and Life Coaches.

In this way, we essentially achieve multiple results. We ‘rebuild’ broken people, teaching them new skills that allow them to produce their own homes, food and sense of self worth.

We create quality of life for those camping beside freeways and offer them the skills that allow them the pursuit of quality of life.

We offer a space in the world for those that the current material world makes little sense to, in a safe and controlled manner by easing into a wilderness based life.

We restore the cities to splendor by removing the 'shanty town' and tent city feel that has become the norm in certain places.